Farm and Forestry Services

Farm and Forestry Services

NZ Surveyors are a New Zealand based company with a long history. Our team and staff are able to assist our valued clients in any way to help find the most cost effective solution to your building and development project.

NZ Surveyors only use the most modern GPS systems, and offer a wide range of land and property surveying services, aimed at meeting your needs, and your budget.


  • Paddock or Crop area calculation for application of fertilizers, trace elements
  • Checking of Contractors work when priced per hectare
  • Tracks, water lines, fences to allow better planning and records
  • Area of productive land on the farm
  • Swamps or other hazards for contractors to avoid

Setting out of:

  • Fencing for contractors to follow
  • Crop areas to be planted
  • Irrigation lines to be layed
  • Drainage systems to be installed


  • Water storage and reticulation systems
  • Internal fencing for better land use
  • Drainage layouts


  • Location of existing boundary lines for fencing purposes
  • Boundary adjustment with a neighbour
  • Rationalization of multiple titles
  • Land use for Retirement planning